The concept of rape culture explains how the society perceives and behaves towards rape victims and rape perpetrators. It depicts ways in which the society blames victims of sexual assault and normalizes it. Common phrases like “what was she wearing”, boys will be boys”, “where did she go to” justify the actions of the rapist and most times lead them to get away with their action.

Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, refusal to acknowledge the harm caused by sexual violence, slut shaming, a denial of widespread rape, trivializing rape, sexual objectification, and often criticizing and punishing women and girls perceived for violating accepted codes of sexual conduct and issues related to sexuality.

This culture is not safe for the young and old women in the community. Rape should never be justified by the victim’s actions. It is high time a rapist begins to bear the consequences of his actions solely without pushing the blame to the victim. When this is done, then effective justice is done against the rapists.

Also, both men and women should join in the abolition of rape culture. Women should not blame each other and men should respect women. Everyone should get involved in the fight against rape culture and speak out when there is a need to.

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