Electronic voting (also known as e-voting) is a system of voting that uses electronic means to vote. Individuals can place their vote over the internet, either from home or from an official polling place.

In Nigeria, voting is an important activity, and which is usually full of so many controversies. Obviously using e-voting systems will eliminate any deaths drastically. It is also a means to engage with young or elderly voters who are scared, and even Nigerians living abroad

The advantage of using electronic voting is that it intends to speed the counting of ballots which will reduce the cost of paying staff to count votes manually. Also in the long term, expenses are reduced on a large scale. Results can be reported and published faster. Voters save time by being able to vote independently from their home.

However, the greatest concerns or worry is trust. Voters may fear that their vote could be sabotaged or altered by a virus on the system or during transmission to governmental servers. The voting system in Nigeria has not gained enough credibility to be conducted online due to the yearly allegations of rigging against the INEC officials. For this to be accepted, INEC has a long way of convincing Nigerians that they can be trusted

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