Sometimes you are so busy that food becomes a low priority. Many people want to eat healthier but they find it difficult due to their busy lifestyles hence eating can seem like a mountain of a task- let alone healthy eating.

Unfortunately this kind of eating lifestyle takes its toll on our health, either through weight gain, lost energy, or both.

Here are some simple tips for a healthy eating lifestyle:

  1. Creating a meal calendar. Having a simple recipe in rotation for the week can be much easier to stick with and eat healthy. For example, Pasta with veggies on Mondays, fruits on Tuesdays, rice on Wednesdays, salad on Thursdays, beans on Fridays and so on. This is helpful for people with little time.

2- Buy fresh foods and freeze them. Buying fresh foods, fruits and veggies and freezing them can save you time. Also preparing dishes like stews, soups and storing them will save you even more time.

3- Start your day with a big glass of water; Start out your morning first thing with a big glass of water. This first drink helps hydrate your cells, wake you up, and fill your belly while you make a healthy breakfast.

4- Take a moment to find your favorite protein and nutritious whole foods sources such as, seafoods, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds. This foods are particularly proteins, satisfying and healthy.

5- Eat at a specific time everyday; this gives you a sort of control. Having a specific time for eating ensures that you are able to prepare for it and make healthier choices than rushing through a meal.

6- Don’t let your work or class schedule dictate when you eat; Plan your meals into your schedule and make sure your meals are prepared. It’s easier to take a ten minute break to grab a snack or a meal when you have it prepared.

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