Another South African lady cries for help as her ex boyfriend sends her death threats

Another South African lady, Sinoxolo Sino Ndzobole is being threatened by her ex boyfriend, and has shared their conversation as she cries for help.

She says the man has been following her around and has even tried to run her over sometime.

Read her posts as she shared on Facebook below

“Where do I go to get help and protection before I become another static of a young woman killed by her ex boyfriend….the police have failed me.
Since January 2017 he follows me around if he is not following me around he is parked in front of the complex gate where I stay and changes his numbers when I block him. He has tried to run me over while walking and off the road while driving home as a result my car is dented.
This man abused the mother of his child and ex girlfriend and I was lucky he never abused me I jumped ship before I could witness his dangerous ranging temper.
His name is Emmanuel some know him as David.

South African Lady

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