6 reasons to travel with the Modern Nigerian man

There has been so much talk in the past years about the Nigerian man and opinions have always swayed on the negative. In recent times, however, a new crop of Nigerian men, who we have decided to tag the “Modern Nigerian Man”, has evolved and these men are changing the perception of who a Nigerian man is or can be. People all over the world are also finding a good reason to take their guards down and accept this new breed of men. Wondering why they are so different and alluring? Jumia Travel shares 6 reasons to travel with the Modern Nigerian Man.


He is highly educated and is constantly learning

The modern Nigerian man exists as a millennial, so he subsists among the most highly-educated generation. He probably has a post-secondary degree (bachelor’s or graduate degree) and he has the inclination to find any extra the information he needs online. He likes to feed his curiosity and as such is aware of the important happening around the world. You would never get lost with him around you. Again, he is not the type to run away from a challenge and you can certainly rely on him while on your trip.

He is independent and mature

The modern Nigerian man is not lazy, do not like to feed off others.  He knows what it means to fully rely on himself and his own abilities, so he knows that he doesn’t need you for support -financial or otherwise. Traveling with him would be a marvelous experience as you will not have to cater to him at any point.  He, however, is very expressive, knows how to communicate and be there for you without unnecessary drama. Basically, he wants to travel with you because he wants to be with you instead of out of pure necessity or obligation. With him, you can actually have a real and true adventure.


He is punctual and organized

He does not delay you or keep you waiting unduly as he knows firsthand that time is of essence. You will not have to pick up after him either because he has been groomed to stay organized as well as plan accordingly. Basically, you can always depend on him to be on point. He will most likely plan the entire trip for himself and you, that way you do not experience any glitches.

He’s got swag

It is hard to find a remotely boring modern Nigerian man. His lifestyle is superb and you will not have any qualms co-habiting with him on a trip. He understands the concept of cleanliness and so practices good hygiene, he is particular about what he garbs on and ensures they are inappropriate per time. You would never have to complain about his looks or his activities as he is well groomed and exhibits high charisma.


He is open-minded and full of fun

You would never have the fear of being harshly judged by the modern Nigerian man. He is open-minded and understands the basic concept of life: no one is perfect. He is also spontaneous and knows how to spin everything into a bouquet of fun. You will never get bored on a trip with him.

He is a  relentless optimist

The modern Nigerian man is not overbearing or critical. He is not the kind of guy who derives pleasure from putting others down. He looks for every opportunity to make you happy and he is always on the positive with bright hopes for your future with him. When he has doubt, he shares them and does not let them fester. You want to be with someone like him when you run into difficulties on your trip as he will look for a way out and cheer you on while at it.

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