4 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook globally

Facebook has released a statement to announce that 4 million businesses actively advertise on the platform with 70 per cent outside the United States.

This data shows that the fastest growing region is South East Asia with the following countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Greece, Ukraine and Philippines.

The top five countries based on yearly growth are: U.S, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Over 85 per cent of business Pages use mobile and 40 per cent of active advertisers have created a Facebook ad on mobile.



Findings have also shown that more than 30 per cent small and medium sized business pages on Facebook are women owned. Facebook’s simplest tools have helped convert these businesses to advertise. Two top examples are boosted posts or promoted pages.

More than 20 per cent of active advertisers created video ads in August.

Any business can use Facebook, because it is easy to use. In a new mobile economy, Facebook helps small businesses become large and local businesses become global.

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