Frank Edwards in dare need of a wife, writes passionate letter

Frank Edwards

In what looks like a subtle advertisement for a wife or an attempt to make public a vacancy, sonorous gospel singer, Frank Edwards has written a passionate letter his future wife through his instagram page.

Read below:

“To le future wife ..I waited this long to make sure I’m ready for you & our unborn 2 kids , but by GOD’s grace I think I’m there . . I will put you under no type of pressure to be a certain way.. all I ask is LOVE JESUS honestly.. by GOD’s grace you & the kids will have nothing to worry about. . but there is one thing 1.

I’m addicted to my music but I’m learning to create a balance.. . I don’t like wahala  if you know you will give me wahala biko COME AND BE GOING .. practice how to laugh cus I’m more dangerous than @akpororo & @bishopchikancy put together  .. I don’t like eba that much , I’m sure u know that one to be continued ….

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