Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning When You Wake Up

Morning, the most important time of the day, one that signifies a fresh start, something new. Get off on a good start and woohooo, your day will be awesome. Get off on a bad start and it would seem like the whole world has ganged up against you.  You need to help yourself get off to a good/great start very morning, even if it is a Monday morning.

Remember the song, “open your mouth and praise the Lord. (3ce) Praise the Lord for he is good!” the stress here is on opening your mouth. There is a saying that there is power in the tongue. If you say the day is going to be a bad day, without really noticing it, your day will indeed be a bad day. Think about it… See!!! There are so many things which can happen in the morning that help get you off to a great start: waking up to see the love of our life (Hello Bae) still sleeping cute like a baby, or him waking you with kisses, or waking up with so much joy in your heart-joy you have no idea where it came from, waking up with a song on your lips- a lifting, edifying song, etcetera.

Here are some of the things you can/should tell yourself each morning.

  • Today is a wonderful day

Better still, “today is a wonderful day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! “  look out the window, is it bursting with the morning freshness? Is it still dark? Look at the sky- see the stars twinkling down at you and the moon looking at you in all its glory. Every day is a gift from God. You have been given a fresh start, opportunities.

Mornings like earlier said signify a fresh start. A fresh start in life. A new day to change your life, add value to yourself and people around you, pursue your dreams, forget the past and create the future you desire, etc. A new day is a blank canvas that is waiting to be painted on with some amazing art. Seize the moment. Go out there and make progress.

  • Yesterday Will Not Define Me

You opened your eyes this morning and the first thing that crossed your mind was how yesterday was a horrible day. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. You were screwed from the start of the day till the end.

Now, there there…wullup! Say to yourself and continue repeating it till it sinks into your subconscious “yesterday will not/does not define me”. Yesterday has come and gone. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. So, learn from yesterday’s lesson and mistakes. Yesterday can only define you if you let it. So, don’t let it.

  • It’s Okay to Fail

No one wants nor likes failing. Sometimes you wake up and remember yesterday’s events and you groan because you failed hard at something and want to hide between the sheets wishing the earth would swallow you bed and all. This thought can ruin your morning, and ultimately the day.

Remind yourself that everyone fails and that it is okay to fail. What matters is what happens when you fail, do you wallow in self-pity or do you get up, dust yourself, learn from your failure and attack the new day with strengthened purpose in your heart. Remember, failure is simply the opportunity to grow and come back stronger. It IS okay to fail.

  • I Am Good Enough

Have you been doubting your abilities for as long as you can remember? Wake up with the words, “I am good enough on your lips.” Look into the mirror and say the words out loud. No one will encourage you as much as you can encourage yourself. No matter what anyone says or does, you are good enough. Telling yourself, you are good enough, will give you the kind of confidence you need to tackle the day and make the most of it.

  • I Am Beautiful

Looks aren’t everything, yes. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say, yes. There’s something about knowing you are beautiful both inside and out; if you aren’t beautiful on the outside, then you are beautiful inside. Having this knowledge as well as telling yourself you are beautiful first thing in the morning will put a spring in your step. There is nothing like knowing you are beautiful, are dressed well and comfortably. Confidence will ooze out of your pores and you will feel empowered by your looks.

  • I’m Going to Own This Day

Yes, you are! If you don’t own the day; if you don’t grab it and not let go, it will inevitably own you. Be live that you can do any task given to you today, write that exam you feel you are going to fail. Take that course which seems huuugggeee! You are going to own your day!

What is the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up? Do share in the comments section.

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