Discovery Family

The Incredible Food Race: It’s the ultimate gastronomic contest where cooking really is a family affair in this tasty series. Two different families battle it out in a super-charged race full of fun food challenges and a main event: the family vs family cook-off in an ultimate outdoor stadium. One ticking clock, two eager families, and a kid-approved meal prepared in front of a live and hungry audience. The winning family takes all – groceries for an entire year! From Tuesday 29 November at 21:00 CAT.


Pound Puppies: The fearless puppies continue their mission of finding homes for puppies in need , however trouble brews when new arrival Patches recruits Rebound and Cupcake to get him adopted, and they wreak havoc throughout the city. Eventually the new pup’s enthusiasm helps them succeed, as they celebrate and form the “Super Secret Pup Club”. Concerned about not being a tough enough dog, Rebound joins a gang of lap dogs who have rejected their pampered lives for a rough lifestyle in the Ruff Ruff Bunch.  Tune in Thursday 1 December at 07:55 CAT

The Never-ending Story (Premiere): Join Bastian and all his extraordinary friends as they journey to the four corners of Fantasia to unique realms beyond. The Neverending Story gives us the gift of Fantasia; a land of hopes, dreams, virtues, and unforgettable characters; a world we can only imagine! Catch it Sunday 4 December at 10:00 CAT


Maid in Manhattan: Sara tells Cristobal that Marisa had previously been involved with a notorious drug lord, and that she is still married to Lalo’s father. Catalina records her conversation with Cristobal when he visits the studio. Cristobal visits Sara to thank her for the present she sent. Lalo asks Cristobal to help him find a job for Victor. Marisa thinks Victor is to blame for his absence. Hugo learns of Belinda’s deceit. Premieres weekdays at 16: 20 CAT and Catch-up Saturdays at 12:10 CAT

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