Wenger Prefers an Expansive Game Against United

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has spoken of the need for top league teams to play entertaining football whenever they meet.

Arsenal travels to the Old Trafford on Saturday in an encounter that could witness a conservative approach from the host.

Mourinho was roundly criticized by pundits, after a boring 0-0 draw at Liverpool this season and most observers feel the Portuguese is rather careful when he plays big teams.

Wenger says fans are keen to watch an entertaining match.

“What will make the audience is the quality of the game and we have seen a few games since the start of the season that didn’t respond completely to the expectation level between two big teams,” Wenger said.

“And I think it’s important that it’s a top level game because that will be watched all over the world. And for the reputation of the Premier League, it’s important that the quality of the game is good. That will be down to the players who are on the pitch.”

When asked to describe his relationship with Mourinho, Wenger who has had verbal exchanges in the past with the former Chelsea boss, was careful not to stir up controversy.

“Look, I don’t think I have to describe our relationship. He will fight for his team and I will fight for my team and I think that’s completely normal,” Wenger said.

When asked if he would shake his rival’s hand before the game, the Arsenal boss added: “Of course. I respect the ritual that is so important in the Premier League.”


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