Do You Know Where Your Career Is Going? Take This Fun Test To Find Out

For most people, a dream job remains just that – a dream, especially in a part of the world where the major motivation for work is money. But who can blame you? It’s hard to chase dreams on an empty stomach, right?

So if you are one of those who took the first job that paid your bills, and are yet to figure out where exactly your career journey is leading you, then this is for you.


The Interview is a fun, interactive online video test, specially designed to assess your wits, choices and interests with 12 fun questions, each of which must be answered in three to five seconds.

Result from the interview describes your overall personality, while the process analyzes whether you’re truly ready for a game-change in your career, and if you’re set to ‘Go Places’ as a professional.

The Interview is part of Nigerian Breweries Go Places talent campaign, and you too can take the test now! www.theheinekencompany.com/go places

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