Ariyike Arise Initiative Presents The 2016 Charity Festival – 1000TOYS PROJECT

Would you believe that there are some Children who have never owned toys in their lives and on the other hand, some Children have toys that they have not played with for over a year.
The Ariyike Arise Initative will be organising the 4th edition of the annual charity festival – The 2016 Charity festival on the 26th of November in Lagos & 27th of November in Iwo Land, Osun state as we introduce the #1000toys Project.
Because we plan to kick off with a minimum of #1000toys, we would like you to partner with us to bring this vision to life so that we can put smiles on the faces of Children who have no toys by donating those toys your Children, Nieces, Nephews and Friend’s Children do not need any more. You can also buy new toys and donate them to this project. The theme for this year is “SPREAD LOVE”.


We know this may seem far fetched but the ultimate plan is for every Child in Nigeria to own a toy whether it is through us or through People who will partner with us in making this a reality for their Communities. The #1000toys project is the first of its kind and we believe that through this project, we will empower these Children, put smiles on their faces and show them love.
The Ariyike Arise Initiative focuses on the well being of Children, Teenagers and Women. The founder, Media Personality – Ariyike Akinbobola lives by this James Keller quote “A Candle looses nothing by lighting another Candle” and she will be speaking to the children about the importance of sharing and spreading love.
The first batch of toys will be donated to Children in Iwo land, Osun state and some Orphanages in Lagos.
Remember, your junk is someone else’s treasure. Please get in touch with us if you would like to support: 08093626314, 08131566472, 08054638991, 08056136520 or [email protected].

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