Brad Pitt Breaks Down In Tears At Reuniting With Kids After 3 Weeks

Report claims that Brad Pitt FINALLY reunited with his kids during a 90-minute meeting, after going 3 whole weeks without seeing them at ALL — reportedly the longest amount of time he’s ever been away from them. Apparently their reunion was also super emotional, with Brad crying nearly the entire time! Find out what he told his kids here.

When it comes to seeing his kids, Brad Pitt, 52, will stop at nothing! And while it may have taken three weeks, the actor has reportedly FINALLY spent some time with his and Angelina Jolie‘s, 41, children — and according to InTouch magazine, it was a super dramatic reunion. But above all, Brad is apparently just so happy it could be arranged. After all, it was the longest he’d ever gone without seeing them!

The meeting was reportedly just 90-minutes long, featured many tears, and was conducted under the presence of a DCFS (Department of Children Family Services) monitor. “Once the kids came in, Brad lit up,” the source described. “He had tears in his eyes and tried to hold it together because he didn’t want them to get upset because he was crying.”

Prad Pitt and Children

Prad Pitt and Children

During the reunion, the kids apparently played, drew pictures, and of course talked. “Brad told them this situation with the social workers absolutely wasn’t their fault and that no one was in trouble,” the source explained. “The visit was gut-wrenching: Vivienne and Zahara both started crying, asking when they could go home.” And by “home,” they apparently met Brad’s compound in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood. “He said it would be soon.”

For those who need a refresher, following an anonymous call claiming Brad was physically abusive to his children during a Sept. 14 private flight, the DCFS launched an investigation into him. However, due to lack of evidence, Brad will reportedly NOT be prosecuted for the alleged child abuse charges, according to TMZ.

The specific incident that triggered the DFCS visit allegedly had to do with Angie and Brad’s oldest child, Maddox. During Brad’s visit with the kids, he talked to Maddox, however “Maddox just wasn’t that receptive to Brad,” the source added.

Hopefully time will heal all! And according to the publication’s sources, Brad is definitely ready to take Angie on in court as he plans to fight for physical custody. “Brad’s taking the kids,” the insider said. “And it’s Angie’s worst nightmare.”

Source:  Hollywood Life

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