First Radio Station For Animals Coming Soon!

Noel Edmonds

A radio station that will be for pets and other animals is underway in the United State and it will be owned by popular TV presenter, Noel Edmund.

Noel Edmonds has defended himself against critics who mocked a website he launched to arrange motivational speeches for animals that may be feeling under the weather.

Pet owners who feel their “feathered, furry [or] scalely friends” would benefit from some “positive words of appreciation” can now call on Edmonds for help.

Fans feared the TV presenter had “lost the plot” – but Edmonds said he was trying to make the world a “better place”.

Speaking to Mail Online he said: “What plot? Someone accused me of having ‘gone off the rails’ but I’ve never been on them hence the success and happiness I enjoy on a daily basis.

“I always have a giggle. Too many people take the living experience too seriously. What’s the point of life if we can’t be positive, have fun and make the world a better place?”

Despite the criticism, Edmonds is said to have received 2,000 email applications in four hours seeking his help and is planning to launch the first radio station exclusively for animals.

“We have now decided to bring forward our plans to launch the world’s first radio station exclusively for animals – Positively Pets – and hope to be on-air by Christmas,” he said.

“I’m inviting pet lovers to send in their audio messages for their loved ones and we will broadcast them plus music requests and “special relaxing tones” for pets left at home alone.”

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New of his website baffled Twitter and even led to Edmonds doing a live motivational phone-in with a cat on Jeremy Vine’s Radio show.

One user was confused as to how a goldfish would understand Edmonds while another was left so bemused by the website that they left Twitter.

They wrote: “Noel Edmonds does motivational speaking for pets now? I’m not having this today Twitter, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m off!”

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