Nigerian Women and Gender Equality

The issue of gender equality has become a trending discourse lately. Yet it’s disheartening that the greatest threats to the gender equality campaign are not our male counterparts, but women like you and me who see no need for equality in our world today or women who don’t understand what feminism means.

There are still women out there who believe, accept and defend their assertion that a woman’s place is, and remains in the kitchen. Yet the gender parity movement is about giving women the freedom of choice to be whatever she wants to be: whether it;s a full time mom and house wife, a pilot, a soldier, architect or a novelist. Every woman should have the freedom to choose precisely the course she wants to take in life without assuming that her role is singularly domestic or otherwise.

This can be seen in the negative reactions from different camps whenever the issue of gender equality is raised.

The comments and attacks that trailed the statement credited to the Olori of the Ooni of Ife proves that feminism is a civil war and the women’s camp is divided.

Women’s right is human right and we must unite to speak in one voice against gender discrimination and all other social vices associated with it. 

Today’s woman is strong, hardworking and brilliant. She has countless women history who share the same strengths.

Gender Equality is not a contest for superiority with men, but a call for recognition and equal rights. Is there anything wrong with this?

Please leave your comments below. Where do you stand on gender parity?

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