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What is between Dino Melaye and Oluremi Tinubu

Sometimes, one can not help but wonder the importance and need for the Nigerian house of Senate and Representatives. I may be wrong, but it seems we have the wrong crop of people representing us and parading themselves as law makers in this country.

It is either they are scalling the fence like cheap robbers into the National house, fighting and tearing each other’s cloths, dragging the maze, shouting and booing loudly or like a few days ago, threatening to ‘f**k on the floor of the house and boasting that nothing will happen’.

Worst of it is that they do and say all these things not minding the cameras, when you watch these clips on YouTube, it is like you are watching thrillers of a Hollywood blockbuster. What a shame!

Just a few days ago, our shameless lawmakers were at it again and this time, they decided to audition for an x-rated movie. It was a movie with two Grammy Award deserving acts in Dino Melaye and wife of APC chieftiain, Oluremi Tinubu. Their outburst took a different turn when Dino threatened to make love to Tinubu’s wife on the floor of the Senate and nothing will happen!

May God help us, who are these people we call distinguished and honourable senators? Are these people fit to be parents talk less of leading the nation by making laws?

I don’t know what is between Dino, who prides himself as a collector of fast exotic cars and displays his lavish lifestyle on social media like a drug baron and Oluremi, who has been in the Senate house forever and still can not boast of a tangible project which she has used to affect the ordinary Nigeria woman (I do not mean the small bags of ‘tinubu rice’ she shares in surulere every december); truth is I really don’t care what they have in secret and I don’t think Nigerians care.

But I think they should both be suspended from the Senate and senators who are known to pepetually cause trouble in the house should be sent out permanently.

I think we need responsible leaders in Nigeria and that should not be hard to find in a country of over 180 million people.

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