UEFA expresses worries over Gareth Bale’s daughter on Pitch

UEFA has expressed worries over the decision of Gareth Bale and his other compatriots to bring their kids on to the pitch after their 1-0 win over North Ireland.

After the match, the players brought on their kids to the pitch as part of their celebrations and UEFA has frowned at the actions.

“It is always cute when the kids are there,” said UEFA operations director Martin Kallen. “But it is a European Championship not a family party.”

“We are not 100 percent against it, but we are cautious. We have to guarantee security,” Kallen said.

“There should be a certain order. There are also certain safety issues behind it.

“Small kids five, six years old. If something happens what do you do,” said the Swiss official, who said there would be problems if there was a pitch invasion. “The stadium is not the safest place. You have to have that under control.”

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