OJB: Press Denied Access To Late Singer’s House


It was expected that the death of OJB Jezreel will be greeted with influx of fans, mourners and press persons from all parts of Nigeria to his residence judging by his enormous contribution to the growth of the country’s music industry, and this has been the case since the day of his passage to the great beyond.

But the family members of the late music producer have decided to deny entrance to fans and press persons until further notice.

When OSG reporter, Josh Ade, went to the late singer’s house today 15th of June, 2016, located at Gbaja Street, Surulere, the gates of the house were shut and heavily guarded by some stern-looking hefty men who stood as barricades, denying mourners, fans and press persons from accessing the house.

When asked why press persons cannot enter the house, he was bluntly told that the family of OJB have decided not to allow anyone, including the press, into the house for the main time.

“The Press are not allowed to take pictures or enter the house until further notice, that is the order from the family,” said one of the family members.

When asked if there is any plan for his burial, he said, “The burial arrangement will be communicated to the press when the time is right.”

OJB Jezreel died at the early hour of Tuesday after suffering kidney failure. Sources close to the late singer said he suffered kidney failure last week and was placed on dialysis before giving up the ghost.

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