The rate of Online Shopping in Nigeria, how did we get this far?

Going by the present Statistics, you or someone close to you has ordered something online within the past month; and this is indeed great news for technology stakeholders in the country. The rapid increase of online shopping activities in Nigeria today is one that even the wildest dreamer would have doubted say some ten years ago.
Today, everyone just wants to shop from their mobile devices and PCs; apart from the fact that there is a wild (though naïve) belief that anything you buy online is original, Nigerians from all works of life – ranging from corporate/white collar business executives to the woman in the market place, have wholesomely embraced the online shopping trend in recent years.
Online Shopping platforms are a household name and there is no denying that the stakeholders are indeed having a good time doing business in Nigeria at the moment; and many more platforms arise daily. Just recently, Jumia, a leading online retailer in Nigeria was reported to have over a thousand employees on its payroll and believed that over 10 Million people visiting their site weekly.
A report released by an Independent Statistical Organization revealed that there are over 1, 580 registered online retail sites in Nigeria at the moment, which boasts of over 50 Million cumulative visits monthly. This leaves us with the reality that perhaps Nigeria has truly accepted Technology to the fullest. Many things run online now and a large majority of Nigerians are plunged onto the internet daily, the figure to determine this, statistics show is always on the increase.
There is no doubt that Technology has come to stay and that Nigeria is indeed on the right path in her acceptance of both online shopping, E-Banking/Transactions, gadget acquisition, IT acceptance, use and patronage, etc. which shows acceptance of technological in general.
Although Nigeria may not be where her contemporaries like South Africa are Technology wise today, there is no doubt that if we keep to this path and our policy makers (especially in the banking industry) repay the faith, we will boast of an even more robust technological spectrum in the near future. It is my belief that this will become a reality even sooner than we imagine.

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