Zee World Weekly Highlights 11-15 April


Kshitij asks Kalika for her hand in marriage. Kalika has a very stricted idea of to where she wants to gets married and will not change her mind. Dheer arranges for a bachelors party but little did he know what was going to happen when Tara, Saloni and Kalika find out about the plans. Shubra and Samar both ask Kalika for forgiveness after what happened.

The Vow

Sindoora is threatened by Heera. The evidence he has against her forces her to make a drastic decision to erase the problem. Surili is trying to bring division between Sagar and Vydia. Kartik overhears Heera and Hema’s conversation. Chetan stops Shalu from leaving the house. Surili enters the Singh house and gives them news that leaves the family shocked.


Sacred Ties

Ashwin gives Varsha a gift that leaves her speechless. Rasika tries her utmost best to expose Ashwin and Varsha’s relationship. Urmila and Satish start to wonder why is it that Varsha and Ashwin don’t get along so well. Vanita over hears a conversation between Ajit and Rasika and this leads to Rasika threatening her.


The Promise

Adytia decides to take blame for Ranveer’s crimes. Ganga and Rishi are heading near Pratush’s house, destiny however seems to have different plans for them. Rishi and Ganga’s lives are put in danger. Will they survive the accident? Jigyasa tries to talk Sunalli into hating Bani, could Sunali be her next pawn? Jigyasa manages to create a rift between Vicky and Sunalli. Will the couple manage to overcome Jigyasa’s tricks?


Eternal Love

Ranveer is going through a traumatic experience at the asylum. Ranveer begins to believe that he is mentally disturbed. Ranveer has visions of Sahiba. His meeting with a professor reveals the dangers Sahiba is exposed to. Daljeet finds an opportunity to rescue and hide with Sahiba. How will Ranveer react? The conflict between Ranveer and Daljeet has gone too far.

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