Why I bought my first car on OLX – Lawyer

With the variety of options to choose from when buying a used car, people are often advised to be patient and vigilant to ensure they choose their ideal vehicle.

When in the market to buy a car, multiple trips to car dealers are taken or one looks out for the “Buy Me” sign. These trips can be time consuming and quite stressful especially in a city like Lagos.

With the emergence of online classified platforms like OLX, the process has been simplified and one can view several cars for sale with information on their specs, price, brand and model all from the comfort of their home

Opeoluwa, a Lagos based lawyer remembered his experience when he was ready to buy his first car. Ope stated that he saw the OLX ad on television and it prompted him to go to the site to look out for cars after he had a successful experience on the site with the flat he currently lives in. “OLX had proven to be a handy website at the time when a few friends and I were interested in taking out a lease in Lagos. I noticed then that the website had a vibrant automobile section, so I took a gander and eventually purchased the car”

Ope added that his experience using the platform was seamless.  “The prices on the platform were very reasonable and the most amazing thing is that I have not had a problem with the car since I bought it”.

He also admitted that the online marketplace like other sites has had its share of scammers but noted that with the safety measures recently being implemented by the management of OLX such as physical verification, collaboration with the police, amongst others, scamming has become a thing of the past.

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