Zee World March Highlights


Monday to Friday 18h00| Zee World Channel 166

Saloni this March, After Saloni loses her memory and Neel comes back into her life, Nishi finds out that Saloni was staying with him all along. Brijesh and the family decide to get Vrinda and Dheer married. All the misconceptions are cleared after Neel explains everything to Nahar, but soon after Neel makes a tough decision as he lets go of Saloni again. Kaveri convinces Samar about trying for another child. Kuki Kaki discovers where Brijesh and Tara’s child is being kept and she decides to take full advantage of the situation. Urvashi continues to deceive Veer until Saloni comes back and once again spoils all her plans by not only exposing her for who and what she really is, but also returning the child to Brijesh and Tara.


The Vow

Monday to Friday @ 19h00| Zee World Channel 166

This March starts,The Vow a story of Vidya, a naive, simple village girl who’s brought up with love and comes from a poor background. She gets married to Sagar Thakur, a son of a wealthy family. The fairy-tale wedding turns into a nightmare when Vidya discovers, Sagar has the mind of an eight year old, caused by an accident that nearly claimed his life. Sagar, therefore, doesn’t understand Vidya’s place in his life. His family uses this to take advantage of Vidya.

Her sisters-in-law make her life a living hell and her husband doesn’t take her side. The submissive Vidya is lost in the jungle of unwanted relationships and unreturned love.

Will Vidya fullfill her vow of being Sagar’s wife and win the acceptance of the Thakur family?


Sacred Ties

Monday to Friday 20h00| Zee World Channel 166

This month on Sacred Ties, Vinod and Manjusha plan to move out and get their own place. Varsha and Satish team up in order for them to stop Manav and Archana’s divorce from happening. After a tragic event Savita starts to love Archana little by little, even though Shalini was to become the new daughter in law of the family. The unexpected happens on Dayaram and Savita’s 30th wedding anniversary that leaves everyone devastated. Ajit makes a surprise return and this time he has his sights set on Vanita for what she did. Rasika tries her utmost best to embarrass and insult Savita, but little did she know that Archana was standing in her way.


The Promise

Monday to Friday 21h00| Zee World Channel 166

The Promise this month.Meera puts a plan together to go up against Pronita but she as joined forces with Jigyasa.A love story begins when Ganga falls inlove. Jai ensures that he makes Ganga’s wishes come through. Jai decides to hide the truth for his daughter’s happiness.Pronita uses Ganga’s in-laws’ weakness to create a rift. Will Meera’s plans to destroy Ganga’s life succeed?Bani’s time to avenge Pronita’s deeds has finally arrived. Meera’s true colours are finally being revealed.


Eternal Love Starts 02 March

Monday to Friday 13h00 double bill| Zee World Channel 166

Eternal Love, a story of three individuals Sahiba, Ranveer and Daljeet with a number of twists and turns in their lives they find themselves in a completely new world where love becomes the driving forces. Sahiba is in love with her childhood sweetheart, Ranveer. Daljeet, who lives in the same village as Sahiba and Ranveer’s families, falls in love with Sahiba. Sahiba and Ranveer’s marriage is fixed, but Ranveer gets a sudden job offer in London and leaves.


Khana Khazana

Monday to [email protected]| Zee World Channel 166

Khana Khazana, meaning  ”treasure of food” is a cooking show brought to you by award winning celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Chef Kapoor brings unique adaptations and fusion of traditional Indian recipes with healthy low fat options for international viewers.

The show will give viewers several ideas on how to whip up a variety of their favourite Indian dishes at home.


Kiddies Treats

Mon, Wed and [email protected] | Zee World Channel 166

Kiddies Treats is a show designed for young mothers who are faced with the challenge with feeding their children interesting food that is both healthy and interesting.

Chef and mother, Gurdeep Punj will lead you through simple recipes that are wholesome and easy to make at home.

Besides everyday snacks and lunch-box meals, Gurdip will demonstrate how to make party food, desserts, juices, and much more.


Snack Attack

Tuesday & Thursday @17h30| Zee World Channel 166

A snack is a special treat that can fill the space between two meals. This is the idea behind the cooking show, Snack Attack.

Chef Ranveer Brar brings you innovative snack recipes using everyday ingredients and giving it a snack attack twist!

The show is extremely exciting with an immense variety and explosion of snack flavors from sweet, sour, salty to spicy.



Saturday @21h00| Zee World Channel 166

“Fear Files” brings to life the real stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. The series uncovers the truth behind some of the most compelling and mystifying occurrences that have taken place around India.

The show is a re-enactment of real incidents in an attempt to dispel the hoaxes from the real and possibly unexplainable. Paranormal experts are introduced who are incredibly gifted in their fields of expertise and their methods and findings are revealed as a compelling conclusion of each episode.

This investigative and matter of fact approach sets the show apart from all other shows.



 [email protected] 19h00 – Barfi

Barfi is a street-wise charmer who is born deaf. He falls in love with Shruti but they part ways as she gives intosocietal and parental pressure. Many years later their paths cross and Barfi is now in love with Jhilmil. Shruti’s realization that Jhilmil is autistic and she recognizes that true love is really blind. Shruti still in love with him and must now choose between her happiness and Barfi!


Director: Anurag Basu

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra,

Year: 2012


 06 [email protected] 21h00 –Happy New Year

Chandramohan Manohar Sharma, better known as Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan), is a street fighter who has been yearning for revenge from Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) for 8 years. Charlie’s  father, was labelled a thief because Charan had conned him into stealing his own Diamonds. Charlie finds out through the media that diamonds worth $300 crores will reach the Atlantis Palm hotel on Christmas Eve. He wants to steal the same diamonds and frame Grover. To accomplish this, he must assemble a dynamic team.

Director: Farah Khan

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan

Year: 2014


[email protected] 19h00 –Don 2

Don 2 is the story of an international thief who is apparently impossible to catch. He turns himself into the police letting them believe they’ve got the upper hand. But as always, Don has a greater plan and it’s all in his favor. This time Don has his eye on a bigger robbery.

Director: Farhan Aktar

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra

Year: 2011


13 [email protected] 21h00 –Rahasya

The film revolves around the story of an 18-year-old girl, Ayesha Mahajan, who is murdered in her own house. Her father Sachin Mahajan is deemed the prime suspect for the murder.

CBI Officer picks up the case and soon finds evidence that makes it more difficult to determine who exactly is responsible for Ayesha’s death. Only to find out the murderer is a familiar face.

Director: Manish Gupta

Cast: Kakar Vinit, Nimai Bali, Jitendra Barsiwal

Year: 2015


[email protected] 19h00 –Teri Meri Kahaani

A story of two lovers who have truly proven that love conquers all. A tale of two people who meet and fall in love with each in three generation.  Even with this love, their journey is not a bed of roses.


Director:Kunal Kohli

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra

Year: 2012


20 Mar @ 21h00 – Mad About Dance

The film focuses on the youth, their dreams, anxieties, disappointments and hopes for their future. The film is based in the quaint and beautifuluniversity town of Sheffield and brings to light the stories of Asian students who leave their home and country and go to study abroad…Their struggles, their heartbreaks, their trials and triumphs…

Director:Saahil Prem

Cast: Saahil Prem, Amrit Maghera

Year: 2014


26Mar @ 19h00 – God Tussi Great Ho

Arun Prajapati (Salman Khan) has been trying to be a successful TV anchor, but success has always eluded him. He blames God (Amitabh Bachchan) for this lack of success. Arun is head over heels in love with Alia Kapoor(Priyanka Chopra), who is a TV anchor and a well-known star working in the same channel, but he has never been able to express his love for her.God appears and gives him the Power of God for 10 days just to see how he manages to keep everyone happy.

Director:Rumi Jaffery

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra

Year: 2008


27Mar @ 21h00 – The Shaukeens

A story about three lecherous naughty old men in their 60’s, a sadly married man, a single love guru & an unhappy widower, with a bucket list. While in Mauritius to have some girl fun, they meet “Ahana” a cute, innocent, star struck, blithe island girl, who is obsessed with an alcoholic Superstar Akshay Kumar. She promises to do anything if anyone of them will introduce her to Akshay kumar. The three old men get into hilarious situations, as they try to outdo each other to impress her and try to get lucky with her.

Director:Abhishek Sharma

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor, Piyush Mishra

Year: 2014


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