P+ Measurement Services Appoints Lead Consultant

In a bid to further its capacity in creating authentic and pioneering media measurement standards for brands and agencies in the Nigerian communications sphere, P+ Measurement Services has appointed Public relations measurement expert Philip Odiakose as its lead consultant.

Philip is a specialist in PR Measurement, Media performance index, Media monitoring and brand health analysis and he brings almost a decade of expertise and experience in brand communications audit, online reputation management and in-depth media analysis.

Speaking about his appointment, Lead consultant, P+ Measurement Services, Mr Philip Odiakose said. “I am really excited to have joined P+, I believe it is important for clients and brands to understand that it is unhealthy for PR agencies to measure the story they put out in the media for brands and services. It is important to help organisations implement the new Public Relations measurement standards.

“How can communication agencies be the accused, the judge and the jury for a media campaign, It is important that brands and corporations invest in independent media performance audit agencies as a means of balancing reportage being accrued by their different agencies”. He added.

Prior to joining P+ Measurement services, Philip worked on brands such as  South African Tourism (SAT), Diamond Bank Plc, MoneyGram, Heritage Bank, Cadbury, RenMoney (Formerly RenCredit), Nigeria Breweries, Campari, Chicken Republic, South African Airways (SAA), Blue Gate, AVON HMO, Tetmosol, Alpha Mead (AM) Facility & Management Services, OSMI (Broadcast Right Owner of World Cup in Nigeria) and Orange Academy through several agencies. He was also responsible for functions ranging from media analysis, media monitoring, media & market research, online reputation management and project management.

Over the years, Philip has been a proponent for the AMEC media measurement techniques and the Barcelona Principle now BP 2.0 that has been globally accepted by majority leading firms operating under the integrated marketing communications space.

P+ is Nigeria’s leading news/press release monitoring and performance audit company, clipping more than 350,000+ online media channels ranging from newspapers, blogs, forums, online-news site,  magazines, journals, wire services, TV networks, local TV stations and new online media each day.

P+ is internationally recognised as a PR measurement services company in Nigeria with activities being governed/regulated by AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication). P+ recently got listed on the AMEC membership directory

Philip has obtained membership and training from various professional bodies and accrued a number of certifications ranging from PR Measurement, Media Monitoring, Media Research, Media Audit Reporting, Online Crisis management, Market Research and Project Management.

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