Sorry Trump, Marco Rubio Is Leading The Polls

The race for the Republican Presidential ticket is in full swing and no one can bet which way it’s going to go.
Despite leading the polls for months through a mixture of bluster and controversial statements, Donald Trump found himself closer to third than first in the Iowa caucuses.

Donald Trump only managed to be 1% above third placed Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz won in Iowa by a convincing margin but in an unexpected twist on the road to New Hampshire, Marco Rubio is leading in the polls.

Although Donald Trump is thought to be a firm favorite for New Hampshire voters, Marco Rubio will definitely have him bothered.
Despite facing criticism over his lack of experience, Rubio has drawn crowds across New Hampshire and a strong finish on Tuesday after the votes will have other Republican candidates feeling the heat.

Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum all dropped out after Iowa and Dr. Ben Carson looks to be the next to drop out of the race after failing to campaign in New Hampshire.

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