Child Ink Africa set for Jan 30 launch in Imo State

Child Ink Africa, an organization that encourages and nurtures children with writing, drawing and painting skills in Primary and Secondary Schools will be launched on Saturday January 30, 2016 in Imo State.

Speaking in Owerri the capital of Imo State, the Programme Manager of the organization, Mr. Ugochukwu Hillary Uzomba said that the aim of the project is to awaken the creative spirit in Children, to train them as Child prodigies who would one day revolutionize our creative milieu. He described creativity as a divine gift which must be nurtured to achieve the aims of the creator who put them there.

He said; “We are all blessed by the Divine for this purpose; to continue the creative process after him. These gifts begins to manifest when we are young. Most times, it is lost once we decide to grow up, because, to be creative, you must remain a Child, not in height but in mind and at heart.

“We want to groom children who would write without worries, read for its worth, create art for its own reality and stand to represent Africa within the global scale”

The award winning poet cum arts historian further stated that Child Ink Africa would provide free tutorials and training for the children from facilitators who will be drawn from different fields of art, especially from the visual and literary arts. These training according to him, will help the children build more confidence and help in their personality development as young creative minds.

On the participation of schools in the programme, he said it is important for schools to support the initiative so as to change the social contest within which the Nigerian society is blacklisted when reading and writing becomes an issue for debate.

“Children are losing interest in creating art, in reading, in writing because we have not really made it fun and challenging. Also, when these young minds are taught to do what the love, we build a more happy and creative environment where children become self-aware and responsible”, he added.

He called school children, lovers and stake holders of visual and literary arts to grace and support the event which will be taking place on Saturday January 30, 2016 at Moanglobal Conference Hall, Chisco House (1st Floor), Plot 2/4 Egbu Road, Owerri, Imo State by 1:00pm.

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