OMG! Adidas wrongfully sends Petr Cech’s goalkeeping gloves to Chelsea training ground

***Arsenal grateful to have gloves returned… after they were wrongly sent to Chelsea
The Goalkeeper’s former club were surprised to find that Cech’s Adidas gloves were sent to their Cobham training ground, rather than going to Arsenal’s London Colney base.


And, despite the fact he has been at the Emirates for over six months, Chelsea officials were shocked that Adidas are yet to fully get their heads around the fact that Cech is now keeping clean sheets for Arsenal.

The error could not have been more timely with Cech due to face Chelsea for Premier League leaders Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday. 

Rather than keep quiet and leave Cech without his new gloves, however, honest Chelsea staff made sure they were returned to the 33-year-old in plenty of time for the weekend. 

A Chelsea insider told Telegraph Sport: “There were a few smiles and mischievous remarks when Petr’s gloves turned up here, but we made sure they got back to him as soon as possible.”

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