EgoLotto, a website where you can play lottery games 100% online with your computer or mobile device has launched in Nigeria. The Lotto allows players to win cash up to N1 million by playing with as little as N100. Players that invite their friends to register and play on the site also stand a chance to win Samsung smart phones.

A representative of Cavari capital, owners of EgoLotto Mr. Wale Gboyega said “A lot of young people are already playing and winning, EgoLotto is helping Nigerians fulfill their dreams. It is not a gambling site, so it won’t break your bank”


EgoLotto offers players 3 different games; Daily Elite; Tuesday magic and Friday Super games. Each game requires you to pick a bunch of numbers at random and if you can guess all the numbers correctly, you get to win the grand prize of up to N1 million. Interestingly, you don’t have to guess all the numbers correctly, if you come as close as getting 3 out of 5 numbers correctly, you get rewarded.


To play EgoLotto, players need to register online at  www.egolotto.net/signup/  and play with a minimum of N100 with their debit card or mobile money by Paga. Payments are made to winners’ Bank accounts or Mobile Wallet. Players must be 18 and above to be eligible. Playing on EgoLotto is safe, users pay with a web pay gateway by Interswitch. EgoLotto is a one-stop site relating to everything lottery games.

About EgoLotto:

EgoLotto provides all the information you need on how to play and even allows you buy your Lottery Ticket online, safely and securely. Part of the revenue from EgoLotto is used to promote good causes like charities and education.


Website: www.egolotto.net  Twitter: @Egolotto Facebook: Egolotto Phone: 07085734483, 07085734484


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