VIDEO : D’Ace, Kris, Cee-Boi, BigJ5, Kronik & SpyroPhreeze – Christmas Song

Its the Christmas Season!!! The most popular and most important Holiday season of the whole year the world over, and These guys came up with the idea of making a song for the season, and they did not stop at that, they also shot a very good video for it!
Thumbs up to Kris, CeeBoi, D’Ace, BigJ5, Kronik & Spyrophreeze for this lovely tune! Produced, Mixed and mastered by Kris, Video Shot, Directed & Edited By Kronik.

D’Ace & BigJ5 appear courtesy of Core Entertainment, Kris & Cee Boi appear Courtesy of G.F.A, Kronik appears courtesy of Kronik Imaginationz & Spyro Phreeze appears courtesy of Grand Pitch Records.


Watch here;


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