Travellers Magazine Awards Diamonds and Pearls Limited as Tour Operators in Nigeria for 2021

The team of people at ATQNews.com and publishers of Travellers Magazine has accepted the nomination of Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited as an operator (outbound) in Nigeria for the year 2021.

The nomination letter entails that;

It is with joy that we write this letter to you. We write to inform you that the team at ATQNews.com and Publishers of Travellers Magazine has accepted the nomination of Diamonds & Pearls Travels Limited as the Tour Operator (Outbound) in Nigeria for the Year 2021.

The past year, 2021 was a slow growth year for tourism in Nigeria. With the slow down on international travel, Diamonds & Pearls Travels Limited stood out to promote and give life to outbound tourism in Nigeria.

In recognition of these dedicated and remarkable efforts to drive and sustain domestic tourism, the Seven Wonders of Nigeria (Naija7Wonders), the leading domestic tourism platform, have compiled a list of the tour operators and active states in Nigeria for the Year 2021 to honor these notable individuals, organizations and state governments.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that your valiant efforts have not gone unnoticed and you have been recognized as the Best Tour Operator (Outbound) in Nigeria for the year 2021. The award presentations will hold at the 8th Abuja Jabamah (Wonders of Nigeria Expo) on the 11th of March 2022.

Since 1996 Travellers Awards has had annual awards for the Best Performers in the industry. Travellers Magazine is the first travel magazine published in West Africa since 1993. Atqnews.com is the Premier Travel news website in Africa published since 2014. The award was set up to recognize individuals and firms who have excelled in Aviation, Travel and Tourism; and who also have contributed immensely to the growth of Aviation, Hotels Business, Tourism and Travels in Nigeria.

We invite Diamonds & Pearls Travels Limited to participate in the B2B session at Abuja Jabamah or get profiled in the event edition of Travellers Magazine.
Congratulations on the honor and we hope this will spur you to strive for higher heights in the industry.

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