Tiwas Savage Calls Out Pulse.ng, Goes On An Epic Twitter Rant

Tiwa Savage and Motolani Alake (Instagram/TiwaSavage) (Instagram/OneMotolani)

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage is calling out popular media company, Pulse.ng, following an opinion piece about her brand and recent album, Celia.

The singer took a swipe at Pulse music editor, Motolani Alake, for his piece “Tiwa Savage’s Failing Brand And The Larger Issue Of Mungo Parking”.

Recall that Savage’s latest album made it to Time Magazine as one of the 10 Best Albums of 2020. Then Motolani wrote an opinion piece on Savage’s musical career and it may seem as though to most people, he came off too harsh.

In his article he describes Tiwa’s behaviour towards the international media as “Mungo Parking”

Mungo Parking: “An act of gentrifying, tokenizing and renaming or repurposing existing African pop culture concepts into what they are not. Usually, this is based on agenda, paid promotion, misinformation and/or ignorance by foreign media.”

He also pointed out how Tiwa’s brand has not been properly represented in a while.

“Her brand managers are also not helping matters. It’s even worse that they hadn’t the slightest understanding of the Nigerian realities.”

According to him, the international media do not do their homework before they make their lists to recognize an African artist for their projects. Half the time they are sectioned in the wrong category, and not properly represented which makes them less credible.

“A few months ago, Tiwa Savage literally thanked Essence Magazine for including her on a list of rappers when the closest she is to being an emcee is her gorgeous sleeve tattoo. Yet, she still endorses foreign media over local media and expects us to take that endorsement seriously?

Foreign media is the worst ground of reliable information on African artists.”

Tiwa is having none of that and has since made her displeasure known in a series of tweets calling out the media publishing company, Pulse, and its journalist.

Do you think the review was too harsh or Tiwa should have handled it like a boss? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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