The spread of the Coronavirus disease in Nigeria has continued to rise rapidly as statistics provided by the NCDC depicts that Nigeria has over 7261 confirmed cases, 221 deaths and 2007 persons recovered. The nation is itching for a cure to the pandemic and most importantly, itching for a vaccine. There have been many rumours on the pages of social media talking about a method or the other in preventing or curing the Coronavirus disease; however, the National Agency for Food and Drugs Commission (NAFDAC) has warned Nigerians to desist from practices and drugs that have not been clinically tested.

NAFDAC has also assured Nigerians of its efforts in ensuring that only medically-proven drugs will be administered to Covid-19 patients. With the invention of the Madagascar’s cure, Nigerians are waiting for NAFDAC to ascertain whether the drug is safe for usage or not.

Also, NAFDAC can cooperate with Nigerian local herbs manufacturer as alternative means to curb the spread as Madagascar is currently practicing. NAFDAC is also under pressure to ensure that fake drugs are not circulated in the society for the sake of the safety of citizens. Most importantly, NAFDAC should be able to work closely with the World Health Organization in procuring a vaccine for the Coronavirus pandemic.

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