No handshakes; no hugs

How do I say thank you for my surprise birthday gift?

I can’t touch my face; how do I contain my excitement on my proposal evening?

Did you just say social distancing? You mean inside Danfo bus?

How will I beat my face to work and still wear face mask? What’s the point of beating my face when the masks would pack the higher percentage of my makeup?

Is this supposed to be the new normal?

For how long will this be?

Will Nigerians be able to adapt to this new culture?

This new culture of safeguarding yourself while you look at the coughing young man beside you suspiciously. 

You can’t even have fever; you would have bathed in anointing oil several times.

Is this culture of fear and distrust now the new normal?

Will hugging and holding hands now become abnormal?

Wow, just one pandemic and our culture is upside down.

I just can’t wait for us to go back to the old normal.

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