The Beautiful Mistake that is ‘Wanted’ By Shade Ladipo

For the people who know me, they will tell you I do not mince words when it comes to the Entertainment Industry and Entertainers in general.



People usually ask what gives me the right to go oN radio and spew a lot of the nonsense I say and its simple, first and foremost I AM A CONSUMER so as consumers, WE are entitled to whatever opinion we want to give. (Opinions are like a#*holes, everyone has one)


In my opinion, Ms. Savage aka Mrs. Balagoun aka Tiwaonibaje got it spot on with this video, why?


Well first of all, the question you must ask is, Will this video increase or decrease her Brand?



Shade Ladipo



My opinion is to the affirmative.

Consider the Brand Ambassador positions she holds right now.


Pepsi: This brand have had some of the most controversial Brand Ambassadors on its line up from Michael Jackson to Beyonce and in Nigeria Tiwa Savaga &Wizkid (Yes I put their names in the same sentence).

The brand is geared towards celebrities that are movers and shakers in their rights, popular with young people and have strong personalties.


MTN: Geared towards young people and generally the young at heart using Social Media and everything popular to keep Top of the Mind Awareness


Engine Oil: Geared towards men (I do not need to explain this)


The target audience for these brands will be generally happy with the uproar this video has created because Tiwa has kept us talking about her for the past 4-5 months since she had her Engagement Hullabaloo in December?


Now for the video itself, first thing you must do is try to listen to the song ‘Wanted”

The song is really about someone who is at their peak, wanted by everything and everyone around them.

I would understand why Tiwa would deem it fit to depict this through this Raunchy video.

(Yes the video was Raunchy)


Apart from the very apparent wardrobe glitches and unusual moves in the video (at a point she looked like she was about to have a seizure), I totally give it up to Tiwa for pulling off this video.


Not an inspiring video for Kids or Adults in particular but with a little bit more artistic slant and several tweaks, this would have been a great view.


Tiwa next time, have a photographer take a few shots of some of the moves you wanted to portray and decide if the finish product is what you saw in your head?


Hopefully the next video wont be as badly planned??


P.S. I am big fan of Tiwa Savage the brand (maybe not her music) so this opinion is as objective as can be,


Shade Ladipo is the founder of Avienti a Travel Company in Lagos, She is a Radio personality on Smooth 98.1Fm and is an independent TV Presenter & Producer







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