How to Survive Tuesday at Work

by Emma Mackenzie

The most hated day of a working week is no longer Monday; now, Tuesday has become the most dreaded day according to working professionals.

Why Tuesday?

Although Monday is never an enjoyed day at the office – after all you are returning to work after having had a nice relaxing weekend – the day at the very least goes relatively quickly! Tuesday however, DRAGS. The day never seems to end! Essentially, Tuesday makes you feel as though your week will never pass and the weekend is just so far away.

By Tuesday, you have caught up with all your emails sent over the weekend, you are back into the swing of things, and you realize just how bored you really are with your job. It is a day that makes us contemplate why we even work!

The most depressing aspect about Tuesday however, is that the weekend fun is long gone, and you are not even ‘mid-week’ yet! How can you possibly stay motivated and positive with these thoughts running through your head every dreaded Tuesday?

Well, fear not, we have compiled a quick survival guide to get you through Tuesdays at work!

#1 Get yourself a lunch date

Ok, if you’re single – just arrange to meet friends for lunch (you don’t want the added stress of going on a blind date on dreaded Tuesday or all days!), if you have a partner, meet up with them for a nice chilled out lunch date. You will be surprised how fast the morning passes when you have something to look forward to!

#2 Eat your way through the day

So this idea may not be the most sensible, but have you ever noticed how fast time flies when you are having fun? And whoever said eating wasn’t fun?! To avoid putting on weight, stick to healthy snacks such as fruit and chopped up veg.

#3 Switch on your iPod

Create an upbeat and motivating playlist of songs to keep you going! If you have a job where you can get away with wearing your headphones and playing music, then creating a playlist may be just the ticket to getting you through the day.

#4 Make plans for after work

Ok, so your lunch date will get you through the first half of the day, but what about the second half? In order to maintain a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, you should make plans for after work. This not only gives you something else to look forward to, but it will help you to wind down after working through dreaded Tuesday.

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