See What Nigerians Long Throat for this Valentine? #LongThroat4Love

As we countdown to the Season of Love, a new hashtag has set Twitter on fire!

With top celebrities and influencers tweeting the things they want this Valentine season, the stage was set for another interesting engagement ahead of the lovers day celebration.

Interestingly, some tweets wanted celebrities to squash the beef the started in January and #LongThroat4Love, others wanted a romantic get away to celebrate the season. Trust Naija girls na, Lol.

Here are some tweets to help you catch up with what Nigerians ‘Long Throat for‘ this Valentine’s season.

It all started with the influencers:

Even soft drink Giants, Pepsi joined the conversation  

What celebrities want this Valentine season


Trust Nigerians, we no dey carry last


Over to you…What do you Long Throat for? Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #LongThroat4Love.

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