#RunYourRace, How are you running in 2017?

So twittersphere was set ablaze from yesterday with #RunYourRace and it has been gaining a lot of momentum ever since. We thought to dig in and find out what the euphoria was all about and this is what we found. So people are using the hashtag #runyourrace to basically talk about their goals and aspirations in 2017, and gearing themselves towards a great year. A lot of interesting revelations out there, a lot of people seem to have their goals locked down.


Honestly, at a time like this, it is necessary to get pumped up for the year,Hopefully the year turns out amazing for everyone. Check out some of the interesting tweets from the hashtag below.

run your race 1


Tell us, How are you running your race and what are you running towards this 2017 using hashtag #runyourrace. Check out the hashtag on social media and don’t forget to join the trail with your own expectations for the year. A little bit of positivity won’t hurt right? Lets go. Don’t forget to tag your friends.




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