Runaway Leopard Returns To It’s Enclosure After Escape

A runaway Leopard that escaped has returned to its enclosure in eastern India.

The Leopard escaped on New Year’s day in a park located at the hills of the Himnalayas, and sparked a furious hunt for its return.

The Leopard, named Sachin had been raised in captivity and could not hunt to feed itself, Vinod Kumar Yarad of the West Bengal Zoo Authority told AFP.

“We kept a large chunk of meat inside the leopard’s enclosure with its gate left open. On Friday night, it returned to its enclosure, injured and hungry,” he added.

The animals was believed to have sustained its injury while trying to kill another animal in the wild.

Sachin’s return means the villages surrounding the park can sleep well again after its escape caused many to fear for their lives.

The park, Siliguri, opened last year to the public, has 297 acres


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