Why is Rotimi Amechi the Minister of Transport?

Many Nigerians are beginning to wonder if the new Minister of Transportation really have any vision for the sector. According to an anonymous source with the Nigerian Railway Corporation, “This is what we have been hearing from Day one since he was appointed and still we have not seen anything”.

It will be recalled that Amechi has always made emphasis on the rail project and many are tiring out on the promises and actually want to see it come to life. This is why the recent revelation by the Minister of the project needing extra coaches raised wild reactions from Nigerians.

“What does it take for a country to buy coaches”, the Railway officer said, “and how can you be bragging that you have done a Railway project when you can transport only 380 people?

“He knows nothing about transportation and we truly don’t know what he is doing here, this is not his field at all”, the official added.

Amechi had revealed that the four coaches on ground could only convey 380 passengers, while the volume of passengers was much higher.

“We have hit the road, go there you will see people boarding to Kaduna but on the official ceremony when it will take place, I have to clear that from the president.

“We are not collecting money yet because we said we will start collecting money from the day the president flags it off.

“And currently from what we saw today, the number of passengers boarding the train have exceeded the good number of coaches that we have.

‘We have about four coaches and that will take about 380 persons and we have over 380 persons boarding the train.

“What we just decided now is that we need to get more coaches and more locomotives,” the minister said.

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