Resumption Hurdles Public Schools are Likely to Face

After the ease of restrictions placed on schools by the Federal Government, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these are the resumption hurdles public schools are likely to face:

  1. Limited number of staff vs. too many students. It may be impossible for teachers to adequately monitor and sanitize the students due to the low number of staff compared to the percentage of students in a class.

2- Unavailability of small classrooms. Many public schools today have the problem of limited spaces, which leads to overcrowding in most cases. As schools resume, this might be a big challenge in most public schools since it has been established that crowded spaces increase the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Few functional and proper health centers. Proper hygiene and regular washing of hands is a global prerequisite to health safety. With the poor state of infrastructure in the educational system, most public schools do not have a functioning water supply and other basic health facilities. This might be a great challenge public schools would face as they resume.

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