Rep Fatuhu Muhammadu, Buhari’s Nephew Dumps APC

Rep. Fatuhu Muhammadu, a nephew to President Muhammadu Buhari, has dumped the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), accusing his rival of abusing his father.?

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?The son of President Buhari’s elder sister represents the Daura/Mai’Adua/Sandamu Federal Constituency of Katsina State in the House of Representatives.?

Fatuhu failed to secure a reelection ticket in the primary election, polling 30 votes. His rival, Aminu Jamo, polled 117 votes.?

In an interview Sunday night, Muhammed said he left APC because his rival abused his father.?
“I received an audio recording where their candidate (Jamo) called my father, Alhaji Mamman Dan Buffalo, by name and abused him. Alhaji Mamman Dan Baffallo and President Buhari are of the same father and mother.?
“Out of the 26 children born by their father, they are the only males that are from the same father and mother.?
“So, abusing my father is abusing the president. So, I said to my relatives who supported him, you have seen what you have brought to the family because he called our parents and abused them.?
“So, I said since the issue has gone beyond politics to belittling the dignity of my parents, I cannot take it any longer, and it is not binding on me to stay in the party, so I decided to leave.?
“That was the main reason that I left the party. I had already decided to leave everything about what happened, but when this came up, I had no option as a responsible child to remain in the party where my parents will be continuously abused.”?

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