Olushegs Set To Release New Single Titled “Political Music”


U.K born Nigerian International Recording Artiste “OLUSHEGS” {Oluwasegun Joseph Bayo OLUMIDE} aka OLU-SHEGZY sometimes stylishly spelt as OLU$H£G$ or OLU$H£GZ¥ was born in the 80?s on the 8th of September in the city of Westminster, Central London to full Nigerian Parents.
“As a Musician/Producer,Entertainer,Vocalist,Rapper,Lyrist,Writer and an actor” i believe i am the King WIZ.

The future OLUSHEGS discovered himself right from high school days, when he got so POPULAR amongst his peer for dancing and winning Variety of awards like MOST POPULAR, THE CUTEST, BEST BAFFER, SEXIEST MALE etc.

“I got so popular as a dancer then that just a performance will thrill class mates, cause noise from other students in the school which will eventually attract the principal and head teachers with their fat and thin canes followed by several strokes” i believe all my experiences while growin up made me RUGGED. – OLUSHEGS says.

He officially started his record label OLUSHEGS RUGGED ENTERTAINMENT {OrENT.} after years of running underground with no support from major record labels in the year 2014. Since 2005/2006 when Olu-Shegs aka OluShegzy sometimes stylishly spelt as OLU$H£G$ or OLU$H£GZ¥ DEBUT his GBA MI LAGO (Call my Phone) single in two versions; Codeine and Spliff, he has never looked back nor stopped thrilling his fans with new singles and eventually Dropped 2 albums THE BLACK ROYALTY; OLUSHEGS OLUMIDE Vol 1 -»» CLICK HERE ««- and AFRICAN DANCE ALBUM Vol 1 -»» CLICK HERE ««-
His Spinlet Artiste profile -»» CLICK HERE ««-

In light of the recent missing Chibok Girls, Boko Haram bombing and upcoming 2015 presidential elections in Nigeria. OLU-SHEGS has stated via his Social Media platforms that his next single will be titled POLITICAL MUSIC.

You can Follow him on twitter @OLUSHEGS, LIKE him on facebook.com/olushegsolumide or Contact him via [email protected]

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