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OC Ukeje Covers The Newest Edition Of Bubbles Magazine

Bubbles Magazine is pleased to feature the very dapper actor award winning and critically respected OC Ukeje on the cover of its new edition.

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Beyond being Nigeria’s premier and most respected music publication, Bubbles is in actual fact an entertainment magazine. OC is undoubtedly one of the entertainers whose ascension to fame and stardom makes even the casual fan proud: he’s a regular young Nigerian who in spite of his university education chose to make film making his vocation. Add to the fact that the film industry is a little underrated then you start to get a sense of the work he’s had to do. OC is also an accomplished musician; it took a bit of self debate to go the acting route- he could easily have become a singing sensation. He shares his thoughts about ‘Nollywood’ and filmmaking with us, as well as his ambition and what he hopes to achieve by being a thespian.

Bubbles Magazine always has a wide array of urban entertainment issues to delve into. This edition is no different, as it comes with in depth articles that seek to inform as much as it entertains. There are features on the showbiz legends that are Keke and D1, an expose on what it really costs to make a hit song, fashion spreads, tech and trending gist. All in all, the issue 35 of Bubbles promises to be a collectors’ item- as always.

Bubbles is available at Patabah Bookshops, Glendora Bookshops, Ozone Cinemas and at vendors all over the nation.

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