Nollywood Actress, Eniola Badmus Described Her Near Rape Experience, Named Guy Who Rescued Her

Eniola Badmus, Nigerian Actress has described her near-rape endeavour when she was back in high school.

Eniola revealed in an interview with The Punch that women go through sexual assaults and the crime seems to spike up all the time because authorities do not roll out strict sanctions on perpetrators.

She said:

“Firstly, whether people are saying the truth or not, 95 per cent of females are sexually harassed on a daily basis. Because there hasn’t been stiff punishment over the years, this act has continued to linger from one gener ation to the other.

As a young girl, a lot of things happened to me and I’ve also seen a lot of things. I grew up in a polygamous home and a lot of people lived with us. When I was in my final year in secondary school, I was almost raped. It was a very close shave. I was saved by a guy called Michael Akinyemi.

I don’t know where he is now but I can’t forget him. He was injured in the process but he saved me. I was practically five minutes away from being raped. I didn’t report then because of the stigmatisation. The experience was really bad because my assaulter was bent on raping me, hence we struggled so much. I still remember the guy’s name but I would leave it out.’’

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