Nigerian Entertainment Lawyers Weigh in on the Latest & Hottest Topics in Pop Culture

Nigerian entertainment Lawyers Xerona Duke,  Ollachi “Enze” Holman and Family Law Attorney Ms. Unwam Oduok join Ms. Uduak, on the latest episode of  the AfricaMusicLaw.com Show, to discuss some of the hottest & latest topics in pop culture;  and give their legal commentary and analysis. It’s a fun, entertaining, and  informative panel and episode! 

Inside this Episode:

  • Toke Makinwa v. Maje Ayida: What are the legal grounds for divorce in Nigeria?
  • The Rise of Baby Mamas in Nigeria: What are the inheritance rights of children born out of wedlock?
  • Is Bruce Jenner’s decision to change to Caitlyn Jenner psychologically detrimental to Kylie & Kendall Jenner?
  • Is Bristol Palin required to return payments she received for her role as abstinence brand ambassador, now that she is pregnant?
  • Should Sofia Vergara’s ex be allowed to have custody of the frozen embryos the couple created when they were together?
The Africa Music Law show is Africa’s premiere music business and entertainment law show empowering the African artist, and the creative industry at large. The show made iTunes Top 4 in its ‘New & Noteworthy’ category in 2014. Countries represented include Nigeria (26%), USA (23%), UK (15%), UAE (7%), and Other (29%).

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