Naija Celebs And Social Media Publicity Stunts On Marriages

The publisher of My Streetz Magazine, Sesan Adeniji, shared a post on his Instagram page talking about Nigerian celebrities and their hunger for online publicity regarding their relationships. Read below;


DON’T POST IF YOU WANT PRIVACY – Toyin Aimakhu Says She’s Done Posting Her Relationship Dramas Online. This caption made me smiled last week. She says she’s done with all that and will keep the drama on-screen only going forward. How come it took her so long to realize this? She posted this photo of Beyoncé and Jay Z on her Instagram page. Just like the saying, there’s freedom of speech but freedom after speech can’t be guaranteed. It’s more like it on social media, there’s freedom to post but freedom/privacy after post is what can’t be guaranteed. Social media is one of the most unregulated fast lanes in the world. It is a place where joy is shared and sometimes short-lived. It provides an avenue to crave for acceptance, as well rewards with opinions that will make you shiver when you slip-up. Social media is like the daily news; it inevitably attracts good and bad opinions. Is it not strange that several Nigerian Celebrities behave as if they are not in the know of this reality?


They are all smiles when the going is good. They share links when all their post gathers rave reviews but when the dirty linen comes on air like the evening news, they come out asking people to respect their privacy. What privacy? Is it the clause they gave up when posting every details of their private lives on these various networks? How bad do celebrities crave for acceptance to the point they share everything about their life on the social sphere? Personal matters relating to family, relationship and health are posted all over like front-page news. In their pursuit of acceptance, should there not be a limit to what they share with their audience? From Toke Makinwa’s marriage brouhaha, Ubi franklin and Emma Nyra’s untold stories, 2shotz/wife drama, Davido and Baby mama’s drama, Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa’s infidelity episode to name a few. These celebrities by now should accept the fact that their audiences have the right… Note- read the complete article on www.mystreetzmag.com 

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