Monkeys Mourn Robot Baby in an Emotional BBC Show (Photos)

Monkeys have been shown to mourn a robot baby they accepted as one of their own.

In a new BBC show, Spy In The Wild, the monkeys gather around the artificial creature and appear to go into a state of grief.

The monkeys accepted a robot as one of their own CREDIT: JOHN DOWNER PRODUCTIONS

They gather around the baby, hush their chatter and hug each other in what appears to be a show of grief.

In what is perhaps a good show for those who are missing Planet Earth, the producers hide cameras in lifelike robots to give a first-person view of how animals behave in the wild.

The show aims to give an insight into the secret lives of animals.



Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2017/01/10/monkeys-mourn-robot-baby-groundbreaking-new-bbc-show/

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