Lil Nas X Fires ‘Haters’ Who Criticised His Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume

Fans trolling Lil Nas X over his Nicki Minaj Halloween dressing has made him also fire back at their homophobic attacks

The “Old Town Road” rapper’s costume, which is nod to his days running a Nicki Minaj stan account, caught a lot of attention. Many showered the outfit with praise, but Dave East instead replied to the outfit with the use of a homophobic slur.

The most inhumating critics came from rapper Dave East during his live Instagram video as he shared pictures of Lil Nas’s with homophobic comments

“And y’all was mad at me about this n***a,” Dave East wrote alongside an aggregated Instagram post of Lil Nas X’s Halloween costume. “Bati mon bun up!!!!” he wrote in another post, before adding, “I gotta move to Jamaica, @PopcaanMusic on my wayyyyy chubble.” The phrase “batty man” is a homophobic slur that originates from Jamaica, a country in which homosexuality is still outlawed, but only for men according to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and intersex Association.

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