Beef is the word that was on everyone’s lips this past January. There was just so much of it. Kanye had beef with Wiz Khalifa. 50 Cent had beef with Meek Mill.Well with all that went down in January, Pepsi have decided that this month of Love should be an especially special one; where all that sizzling beef is taken off the fire and thrown out. That’s why they’ve started the #Longthroat4Love campaign.  


In a nutshell Pepsi is using #Longthroat4Love to ginger everyone across the nation to squash whatever beef they may have and serve up some love instead. Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww. Now that completely warms my heart and it’s pretty cool if you think about it. The thought that rivals all over are gonna be blowing kisses instead of throwing shade. And trust social media to waste no time in playing with the thought. Memes. Tweets. Instagram posts. Blogs (present company’s included…obviously). It’s all about #Longthroat4Love.

There I was browsing with a cup of green tea by my side when I stumbled on the already famous photo of ‘bosom’ buddies Kim k and Amber Rose sharing a selfie. This time t’was with #Longthroat4Love.

S to d K


(Longing sigh) I remember like it was yesterday (actually about 3 months ago) when Pepsi took us all for a spin on the Long throat bus. Pretty sure everyone’s gonna want to be picked up for this ride also.

And honestly it’s a beautiful thing. Love should be unconditional. Anyways this Valentine’s Day I am going to not just show love to a loved one but even to my worst enemy. Maybe I’ll invite them to the Pepsi Valentine Rave Party at Eko Hotel on the 14th. I hear it’s going to be an awesome time. The hottest DJs. Tons of celebrities. I mean who wouldn’t love that?


Anyhow, right now I am ready to squash some beef and long throat 4 love in a big way.

Love always.


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