It’s Finally Here – First Bank Partners PayPal to Expand E-Commerce Access in Nigeria

Once upon a time it was virtually impossible to buy goods online or pay for any service on the web if you were in Nigeria.

As Nigerians woke up to the development of e-commerce, various payment options began to emerge to make things easier but we still didn’t have ONE payment method for Nigerians accepted EVERYWHERE.


Now we finally have an online payment solution accepted all over the world, courtesy of a new strategic partnership between First Bank of Nigeria and PayPal.

This partnership which is a milestone in PayPal’s Africa growth story, has the sole purpose of putting stakeholders at the heart of their business as FirstBank customers can now pay and get paid globally; in a manner that is seamless, secure and convenient.


This is BIG! PayPal has over 148 million accounts in 26 currencies spread over 203 markets around the world; while FirstBank is a leading Nigerian commercial bank with over 750 branches across Nigeria with cards accepted in over 200 countries and on millions of POS terminals and ATMs around the world.

The arrival of PayPal in Nigeria allows PayPal connect Nigerians to merchants from Asia, North America, Europe and beyond. So finally we can do online transactions on almost every site (since PayPal is a popular global online payment platform anyway), however PayPal accounts have a transaction limit of about $250 until the account is verified. This is where FirstBank comes in!


The FirstBank Advantage

Creating a PayPal account through FirstBank means the account will be immediately verified, giving customers more freedom to transact. This partnership is exclusive to FirstBank and therefore has an edge over other institutions in Nigeria which have access to the PayPal platform

Getting a PayPal account via FirstBank is simple. Simply open a FIrstBank account and register for the online banking platform, FirstOnline. Once you log into FirstOnline, you can create a PayPal account from there and select what cards you wish to link to your PayPal account.

In the end, this means FirstBank customers can shop and pay on millions of websites around the world from their PCs and smartphones in a fast and easy way without having to reveal their card details with the added reassurance of PayPal Buyer Protection.

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