Popular actor, Mike Ezuruonye was recently interviewed by Showtime Celebrity. Read excerpts from the interview below:

On the new film he is about to release:

“Work is still in progress. It will amount to giving my fans what we refer to in local parlance as half chop. I will rather appeal to them to exercise more patience, so that they can enjoy the meal once we are ready. I can only assure them that, it is a brilliant movie with a loaded cast and by the grace of God it’s gonna be a bomb.

We have Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe, Nedu of Wazobia, Ike Ogbonna, Hadizah Gabon and so. I can’t remember all the big names now but truly, it is loaded.

On going into politics:
” Well, I can only say that politics is knocking on my door. By this I mean that I have been approached several times by top political, personalities requesting that I join the groove but in my usual style, I like taking things one after another. I have a lot that I’m doing at the moment in the movie industry but surely with time, one can look at other areas of life.
In life you never can say no or never to some things. But I doubt if it will be in 2019.

On Nollywood Critics of actors and actree going into music and politics:

” Let me quickly say that I am being asked to join politics by top personalities and politicians who feel I have the image, character and ability. Again, I think we have to clear the air here, I have not made up my mind yet to venture into politics because there are a lot to be considered. Don’t forget that I have a growing career, which is in the movie industry. I am not in a hurry to do things. In fact, all my life, I have never been in a hurry to do anything. I take my time, look at the variables, pros and cons before taking a decision. Concerning those who you think take to music or politics, I must remind you that even the country is diversifying the economy and trying to look into agriculture and technology in stead of relying hundred percent on oil which has failed us. So, if any of my colleagues ventures into music or politics, it does suggest that he or she is broke or bankrupt or he or she is not comfortable. Again, we must appreciate that man, by nature, is gregarious. He keeps trying new things and trying to acquire. If you have talent in music or you are a gifted politician that doesn’t stop you from following your passion in other areas of life. Take for instance, my big brother and colleague, Richard Mofe Damijo. He is an actor, a lawyer and an administrator. You can even call him a politician. He has excelled in these various fields. He is a shinning example of a man of many parts. So, it is not fair to say that my colleagues who go into music or politics do so because they are not conformable. Far from it.”

On getting into acting:
“It is true I got into acting by chance. Life presents you a chance, it is up to to you to take it and handle it successfully. My good friend and colleague, Dayo Amusa introduced me to acting. She felt I had all it takes to be a good actor and kept pushing me till I decided to give it a try. I am happy that today she (Dayo) is still my friend. I am happy she is still excelling. I am happy that I didn’t make a wrong decision. I am happy my family is supportive and also happy with me. I am happy to be an actor.”

On how big he is in Nollywood:
“I sincerely think, some of us have grown beyond Nollywood. In all modesty, I have gone beyond Nollywood. It may surprise you to hear this but it is the reality. When you shoot movies abroad with hi-tech equipment and with top foreign actors in a globally appreciated movie then, you begin to look beyond Nollywood. I must say I appreciate God for this.”

On advances from female fans:

” I thought you should have asked if, there are advances at all before concluding and asking me how I handle them. Anyway, as a professional, your fans are meant to be seen as part of you. So it is expected that you treat them fine and nice. In treating them so, you should be able to politely remind them that the actor they admire or dislike is a different person from the person they see outside the movie. Once you are able to create that and register it in their minds then, you shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever”

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